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Technology Areas

Computer Architecture

The Firm has deep experience in all aspects of computer architecture, encompassing system design and organization, instruction set architecture (ISA), and processor microarchitecture for mobile, desktop, and server platforms. For example, at the system level, the Firm has prepared applications relating to various system-on-a-chip (SoC) technologies as well as larger-scale computing systems, including chipsets, bus and peripheral logic interfacing, memory and storage subsystems and their associated controllers, power and thermal management, and power supplies. At the ISA level of abstraction, the Firm has protected numerous improvements in software-visible ISA extensions for multimedia applications, cryptography, and code vectorization/threading, as well as compiler techniques for leveraging such extensions. At the microarchitectural level, the Firm has experience dealing with every aspect of the instruction execution pipeline, including inventions dealing with out-of-order, speculative, and superscalar execution, memory coherency, cache architectures, branch and data prediction, and power management, among many other innovations.

Chemistry, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Firm has practitioners with doctoral degrees who have expertise in many diverse areas of chemistry, chemical engineering, and petroleum engineering. Fields of practice include organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, oil exploration and production technologies, refining products and processes, petrochemical catalysts, and water treatment technologies. The Firm’s expertise in organic chemistry includes natural product chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, drug synthesis, polymer chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. In the field of inorganic chemistry, the Firm has experience studying both natural and synthetic inorganic materials. The Firm’s expertise in the pharmaceutical sciences includes drug design and application, drug synthesis, protein/peptide chemistry, and biotechnology

Computer-Based Measurement and Automation

The Firm has expertise in computer-based measurement and automation, including graphical programming software, driver level software, data acquisition, machine vision, motion control, GPIB hardware and software, signal conditioning, and software expert systems, among others.

Computer Graphics

The Firm’s expertise in computer graphics includes shader pipelines, programmable shader cores, logic design, low-power and mobile architectures, graphics APIs, single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) processing, deferred rendering, tile-based rendering, texture processing and sampling techniques, filtering techniques, cache/memory hierarchies, synchronization and scheduling of graphics tasks, thread management, reduction techniques (e.g., mipmaps), multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA), and holography and holographic simulation.

Computer Networking

The Firm has comprehensive expertise in computer networking, including networking protocols, highly scalable distributed networks, computer network architecture, digital content distribution, and network administration and information systems management. Specific areas of expertise in this field include distributed internetwork design and administration, enterprise-wide integrated networks, automated resource provisioning and optimization, configuration management including software and resource configuration, system patching, admin task execution, network monitoring, dashboards for metrics, logs, and events, configuration change tracking, and automated governance. The firm also has deep experience in provider based networks, including cloud-based computer networking, private virtual networks and virtual private clouds, as well as the technologies that pertain to these networks, such as high scale elastic load balancing, scalable cloud DNS services, and cloud monitoring. The firm also has experience in technologies pertaining to the Internet of Things, including self-reinforcing and self-improving systems, remote device management, managed cloud platforms and applications for connected devices, secure computing, messaging, data caching, and synchronization for connected devices.

Computer Security

The Firm has expertise with computer security in areas such as network security (e.g., firewalls, cryptographic algorithms, multi-factor authentication algorithms, public key infrastructure (PKI) integration, virtual private network (VPN) use), hardware security modules (HSMs), secure elements, filesystem encryption, biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint analysis and facial recognition), threat detection (e.g., security information and event management (SIEM) software and Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) and endpoint analysis), SPAM filtering, and malware detection.

Distributed and Cloud Computing

The Firm has extensive experience in distributed and cloud computing. Fields of practice include cloud computing, cloud storage, distributed and cloud databases, distributed data analytics, and applications for cloud-based networks. The firm’s expertise in cloud computing includes areas such as virtual servers, container services and management, serverless computing, batch processing, cloud services for web and mobile applications, and serverless mobile backends. The firm’s cloud storage experience includes scalable storage, block storage, managed file storage, and hybrid cloud storage, for example. In the field of digital and cloud databases, the firm’s in-depth experience includes managed relational databases, NoSQL and non-relational databases, enterprise data warehousing services, database migration, and in-memory cloud data-stores. The firm’s distributed data analytics experience includes the areas of cloud-powered business analytics, serverless queries, streaming data, and managed search services, among other areas. The firm’s cloud-based applications expertise includes coordinated distributed applications, scalable applications, enterprise applications for cloud based networks, application security, user access management and authentication, and data protection.

Integrated Circuit Design

The Firm has expertise in the area of integrated circuit design and manufacture, including: analog and RF circuits, high-speed logic circuits, logic synthesis and place-and-route, memory circuits and systems (including SRAM, DRAM, and various types of non-volatile memories), oscillators, phase/frequency lock circuits (PLLs, DLLs, FLLs, etc.), power management, power and clock gating, clock synthesis and distribution, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, mask design, logical and physical verification, serializer/deserializer (SERDES), voltage regulators, passive component structures in semiconductor processes, chip packaging, and electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress protection.

Mechanical Engineering

The Firm has a wide range of experience working with many different simple and complex mechanical devices. Representative areas of expertise include mechanical commercial product solutions, plumbing equipment, polymer processing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, amusement rides, exercise devices, cleaning devices, automobile air conditioning devices, and vehicle cleaning technologies.

Medical Devices and Implants

The Firm’s experience in this area includes technologies for orthopedic, spine, dental, ophthalmic, breast, cardiovascular, and cancer applications. The Firm has prosecuted a large number of patent applications relating to diagnostic devices, prosthetics, endoscopic devices, implants, and medicinal software.


Software use is prevalent in many of the technology areas noted on this website. The Firm has practitioners with programming experience in languages such as Java(tm), C++, C#, and Python, and who have an understanding of instruction set architectures, compilers, object-oriented programming (OOP), and automata theory. The Firm has prosecuted many patent applications pertaining to database systems (e.g., relational database management systems (RDBMS), online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP)), e-commerce applications (e.g., payment processing, product review analysis, consumer targeting analysis), firmware for embedded systems, operating systems, backup systems, mobile device applications, etc.

Storage Technology

The Firm has extensive experience relating to data storage systems and data protection. The Firm has wide-ranging expertise in data storage architectures, including clustered, distributed, hybrid, virtualized, cloud based, and otherwise. Representative areas of expertise extend to both hardware and software aspects of data storage systems, including storage devices themselves, as well as interconnect, network, communication protocols, and data storage layers. The Firm also has deep experience with data storage schemes, deduplication, backup and restore, archiving, compression, encryption, error detection and correction, as well as other data storage efficiency, performance, and protection mechanisms.


The Firm has considerable experience in 4G and 5G cellular communication technologies, including LTE (Long Term Evolution), LTE-A (LTE-Advanced) and the proposed 5G standard. The Firm also has significant expertise in analyzing patentable subject matter as being potentially related to various telecommunications standards. The Firm is also knowledgeable in various other wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) and Bluetooth.

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