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Santiago Delgado

Santiago Delgado

Technical Advisor

Santiago Delgado serves as a Technical Advisor specializing in patent preparation, prosecution, and analysis in the fields of computer software and hardware technologies  His expertise extends to electronics engineering, programming, algorithm development, CAD, solid modeling, and product engineering.  Santiago earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in 2023. During his time at Northeastern, he engaged in cooperative experiences with various institutions and companies, including the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY, and Hologic Inc. in Marlborough, MA. Additionally, Santiago contributed his skills to Nereus Power, a startup focused on developing renewable energy sources.


While at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Santiago worked in the Superconducting Quantum Laboratory, where he contributed to the design of a measuring apparatus for superconducting qubits. His contributions included designing circuit boards, developing distributed computing applications, and creating mechanical shields for the qubits. At Hologic, Santiago joined the sustaining team of the surgical division, where his projects included conducting failure analysis of products failing in the field, debugging and troubleshooting a manufacturing program, and revising and updating the DFMEA of another product. Santiago was then transferred to the R&D team of the surgical division at Hologic. In this role, he led and developed a robotic system used by the R&D team to test an upcoming medical product. The robotic system was validated by the FDA, ensuring the data it produced was recognized as accurate and reliable.


At Nereus Power, Santiago led meetings with marine engineers and engineered the minimum viable product for a new renewable energy source. His notable projects include creating a mathematical script for 3D helices, developing a CAD model used for the first prototype, and optimizing performance with a CFD model.


Santiago enjoys spending time outside in parks, running, surfing and longboarding, and discovering new places.

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Northeastern University

  • B.S., Electrical Engineering
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