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Luke Langsjoen

Luke Langsjoen

Patent Agent

Luke Langsjoen is a registered Patent Agent specializing in patent preparation, prosecution, and analysis in the fields of wireless telecommunication technologies, digital signal processing, semiconductor processor design, application-layer software development, distributed/parallel computing algorithm design, encryption, geophysical data analysis, quantum computation, compressive sensing technology, computer-aided-design (CAD) modelling, and convolutional neural networks. Dr. Langsjoen’s extensive academic training in analytic theoretical physics and quantum field theory makes him particularly well equipped to handle mathematically complex and highly technical material.
Dr. Langsjoen’s doctoral dissertation, titled “Field Theoretical Investigation of Fluctuation-Induced Phenomena”, studied formal divergences in the Casimir effect and phase transitions in condensed matter systems. After obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Langsjoen conducted research as a postdoctoral research associate in the field of quantum computation at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. Dr. Langsjoen’s work at UW studied quantum and thermal noise as a source of qubit decoherence in semiconductor quantum computational devices, and he has written and published multiple academic papers in top tier peer-reviewed physics journals.

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Rice University

  • B.S., Astrophysics and Chemical Physics

University of Virginia

  • Ph.D., Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
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