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Joel Stevens

Joel Stevens

Patent Agent

Mr. Stevens serves as a Patent Agent specializing in patent procurement, portfolio management, and patent acquisition in a number of diverse industries. In that capacity, Mr. Stevens assists his clients in obtaining patent protection on various technologies, including areas such as wireless communication, computer architecture, and computer automation, among others. Notably, Mr. Stevens has managed a team of patent attorneys and agents in maximizing the value of a multi-billion dollar patent portfolio related to cellular communication, particularly focusing on procurement of patents applying to standards-related cellular communication.

In 2005, Mr. Stevens received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry from Rice University, graduating magna cum laude. He has authored or co-authored publications in the fields of biochemistry (DNA Computation), nanotechnology (functionalization of fluoronanotubes, also covered in U.S. Patent Number 7,452,519), and organic chemistry (synthesis of heliquinomycin and lactonamycin). Mr. Stevens has also worked on the computationally complex problems involved in protein folding with Professor Cecilia Clementi at Rice University.  Additionally, he has been involved in numerous web-based startup companies and also has experience in the area of Information Technology, including work for Sigma-Genosys and BioTX Automations.  Mr. Stevens also has extensive experience in financial areas, including security analysis and company valuation.

Contact Info

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent Agent)
  • NASAA Investment Advisors Law Examination (Series 65)

Rice University

  • B.S., Chemistry, magna cum laude
  • Richter Fellowship
  • Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • Zevi and Bertha Salsburg Memorial Award in Chemistry
  • Honors Organic Chemistry Teaching Assistant
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