Every type designer will eventually be asked “Why do we need more fonts?” ⁂ One answer is that fonts are a vital cog in the grand machinery of the printing industry, which over the last 500 years has transformed world culture like no invention before or since. (The Internet? As a predominantly textual medium, I’d contend that it’s just the next step in the evolution of printing.) Fonts are tools, and inventive new ideas give rise to new designs. ⁂ Another answer is that fonts are expressive cultural artifacts. We need new fonts for the same reason we need new poems, new films, and new novels—even if the stories are the same, each generation needs to retell them in its own way. ⁂ But a truly successful font needs no explanation or rationale. It makes the case for its own existence once you’ve used it, you wonder how you got along without it. ⁂ As a typographer, writer, and lawyer, Equity is a font I always wanted for my own work. Now that it’s here, I find it indispensable. I hope you will too. —Matthew Butterick

Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C. is a full service intellectual property law firm located in Austin, Texas.  We were originally founded in the early 1990s as the Austin office of a prestigious intellectual property boutique firm, and in January 2003 we “spun off” to form our own firm, while doing the same high-quality work for many of the same clients as before.

We currently have approximately 70 employees, including approximately 40 professionals (attorneys, patent agents and technical advisors) specializing in the procurement, prosecution, litigation, licensing and counseling of various intellectual property matters, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, unfair competition and domain names.  We practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and in federal and state courts nationwide.   Our practice is truly national in scope, as we represent clients in virtually all geographic areas of the country, and in federal court actions in locations as diverse as Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and of course in Texas.

The firm represents a wide variety of clients in technical areas including computer equipment and software, semiconductors, biotechnology, medical apparatus, life sciences, automobile products, and oilfield equipment.  The firm’s representation of the following clients is a matter of public record: Adobe Systems, Inc.; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Amazon.com; Cardax Pharmaceuticals; Chase Medical, L.P.; Computer Sciences Corporation; Employees Retirement System of Texas; Exactech, Inc.; IDQ Operating, Inc.; Illinois Tool Works, Inc.; Intersil Corporation; Intuit, Inc.; LifeSize Communications, Inc.; National Instruments Corporation; Oracle, Inc.; Planview, Inc.; Relios, Inc.; Shell Oil Company; Southern Clay Products; Standard Microsystems Corporation; Supercircuits, Inc.; Symantec Corp.; Texas Department of Information Resources; Texas Department of Transportation; Texas Education Agency; The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio; The University of Texas at Austin; and Water Ride Concepts, Inc.